Friday, March 23, 2012

Best and Worst

I'm the worst Aunt ever! Well I'm kindof the worst person to kids some times because I tell on them when they are being naughty all the time. I try not to but it just comes out.!!!I'm working on it! But I'm also the coolest right. Who else lets all the kids in the neighborhood comes over at the beginning of March when the temp is in the low 60's and let them run through the sprinklers. I'm sure there moms thought there kids where kidding when they went home to get there suits on and a towel. They had alot of fun to ten minutes and then we headed on a walk to see Krista and Matts knew home they are building. They are going to love it.
We also celebrating Janes birthday on Sunday and got to spend the afternoon all together before we headed back to vegas. Got to love a weekend spent with family.

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