Friday, March 23, 2012

Saturday March 17

Gotta love the length on the socks!!!
Busy day. We woke up early and went down to the park to have team pictures for Paisley's baseball team. The pictures took awhile and it was a cold day. Very windy. and yes i was the only mother who didn't have coats for anyone. Horrible. Forgot my camera so we had to come back home and take some pictures. There was a parade and some baseball games for the big opening of the season but brett and I signed up for a Scorpion race. 3k with obstacles. We had an awesome time. It was really short but we kicked its butt so it was alot of fun. Then we came home and worked on our landscaping and then went out for a wonderful date together. We were suppost to go out with friend but there power was off so they couldn't leave those kids with a babysitter but it was really nice just being with my husband! Thank you to miss emily for coming and watching my kids in the morning and then at night. Shes amazing.
Ok I'm hoping that its just the angle at which my husband took the picture but my thighs look sooooo BIG!!!!!! Haven't gained weight and still fit in all my pants so it must just be the picture.... right
Such a fun day. I love that my husband and I have lots of the same interests and that we push eachother. WE are just looking for another race to run together.

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meg baker said...

Mud suits you Kate. I have a picture hanging in my house of us at my birthday mud football party. Cute then, still cute now:)