Monday, November 19, 2012

Halloween 2012

 We had such a wonderful Halloween week. We had a ward trunk r treat and one at school and work and then a neighborhood party. BIG WEEK! This year Paisley wanted to be a butterfly and Diesel was super man. CUTE bunch

 WE missed alittle of the school one but she didn't care. Thank goodness.
 Getting more and more junk at the work party. Not enough kids, WAY to much candy.
 This year I was incharge of the neightborhood party. We had a good time and then we walked around with everyone gathering tonz of candy. Around 7 we head home and then let our kids hand out candy. They love it. After 20 minutes we ran out of candy so the kids wanted to hand out the candy they had in there bucket. 20 more minutes went by and we had a candy free house and two happy kids. What little sweet hearts.
 Dad was such a good sport and dressed up like a basketball coach. HOT MOMMA!!! Paisley decided that at night she wanted to be a dead lady bug so she added some black to her face and some spots. Funny girl

To Grandmas house we go

 We were able to go up to Nyssa last month and had so much fun. We went with lots of cousins to the "The Farm" and jumped on a big pillow and crawled throw the creature and even filled up the whole cow train ride. SOOOO cold for us but we did it.

 Just wanted to document that I had to ride the cow ride with Diesel. SOOO FUN!
 Diesel and Paisley have been dying to drive a tractor. Grandpa was so nice to let them destroy a field. They loved it.
The trip seemed way to short but it was nice. Brett was off interviewing at Travis air force base and Scott. WE are hoping that he gets a teacher position at one of those bases. We will hear mid December. Fingers crossed.

Local fun

 We heard about this little orchard with pumpkin, cider, and donuts so we knew we had to hit that up. We saw some friends in the morning and told them to join if they weren't busy. We had a great time. The donuts were AMAZING and so we the cider. The pumpkins....... they weren't so good and only lasted a week and we had to throw them away. Gotta love vegas.


Paisley is killing it at school. She loves everything about school and is just taking off. She writes stories everyday and a month ago she wrote this one. " I can see my friends after school." Now she has to write two sentences. She can also read LOTS of books and count to 100 do addition and read read read. Proud mom I am.

Friday, October 19, 2012

conference weekend

 Sorry this picture is sideways.oops. We love conference weekend. We hate that we don't live by family. We have made some wonderful friends though so we have them all over every sunday morning of conference. I hate taking pictures of people so I thought I'd do shoes to show how many of us there were. 6 families. Its really perfect because then you are doing your part as a friend but Its only for a hour and a half so its not to crazy.
Another one of those No baby but you had a baby reminder! That sounds worse then I feel. We are moving forward great but every once in awhile things happen that remind me one month ago I had our sweet little girl. I'm almost bald I swear!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What to do when you are sad.......

 DISNEY LAND!!!! We hit up Disneyland because we had an extra day pass. It was busy but we had lots of fun. One thing that it was totally good for was me seeing my kids being happy and really seeing how blessed we are. We are very lucky.

One of my favorite pictures of brett. To bad it is sideways and I'm to lazy to fix it. Short trip but what we needed.

fun with grandma

Grandma got diesel a cool costume and man did Diesel love it. Wore it everywhere. Gotta love grandmas

Paisley had her first soccer game. We play soccer as if its basketball. She blocks everyone out and really doesn't care about the ball. Such a funny girl
Doesn't he look funny with his swollen lip. Good sport.
We had to take my mom home after the game and I was so sad. I silent cried a lot. I was going to miss my mom a lot but it was also something that reminded me that it was time to be moving on. Lots of emotions that week.