Friday, January 13, 2012

Its time

More Than a month Behind, I'm so pathetic!!! Why can't I just get this blogging stuff done. I love looking back to see everything we have done or to look at baby pictures. I must do better.
One night for FHE we needed out to see the lights at the speed way. It was really cool. Even more cool because monday nights are free and we didn't even know it. The lights stretched for 3 miles and it was really pretty.

We didnt know there would be a santa but we had to stop in a see him even if our children had to wear a towel to keep warm.
Just a side note. Our sweet little man is such a boy. He loves to find new things to put everywhere. Everyday, twice a day he will get silver wear and open the cabinet and start shoving things in. I wouldn't know he was doing this until i went to make me some toast.

He is also the world's messiest eater. WE were having frozen hot chocolate and he went crazy. OH I LOVE BOYS!!!! I hope all the rest are boys. Besides no one could be as amazing as paisley!


sara cardon said...

Oh man Katie! That last picture!! Aaaahhh! I bet I can guess what happened next-- BATH TIME.:) So cute!

meg baker said...

I love how Brett is in a seat belt and the kids look like they are in heaven in the front. Your kids are growing so quickly and are adorable. We were bummed we didn't get to see you guys at Christmas. I love that you found a towel to keep warm...I would so do that.