Monday, December 19, 2011

CAtch up

These last couple of month have just been moving at light speed. Life is changing for all of us it seems like everyday.Paisley is going throw another challenging time. Boy is she sassy!!! she is really into helping me with the dishes and CHRISTMAS EVERYTHING!!We watch atleast one movie a day as a family that is a Christmas movie. She loves the holidays and She is counting down the days til we get to grandmas. We are struggling alittle with the whole presents thing but who isnt at that age right?!? She did give three dollars to help buy a present to help with kids and I think she really liked that.
Diesel is growing up so fast. We really need him to go to the nursery!!! Hes so loud at church. NEVER at home but he can't stand to be touched at church or have anything taken away by anyone. He screams so loud and it makes paisley laugh. WE are a freak show at church let me tell ya. He is really loving to throw away everything that's garbage, he loves dancing and looking at every ornament on the tree.
Brett has been having a wonderful last couple of months. He did awesome on his last big test and he was so happy because he has been studying a lot for it.He is really loving what he does, hes so good with people and explaining things to them and taking the time. Its so fun to see him talk to people and sound sooo smart.Hes been loving mountain biking , if we could only find him a constant partner, and cleaning the house this week since I've been way to busy. Hes such a wonderful husband and daddy.
ME- Well I'm now in Young Women's and I love it. I've only been able to sit down during one lesson because Diesel still isn't 18 months (this week is was just 2 days til but hes NOT 18 months so noo way) I love getting to know the girls and seeing there trails reminds me so much of my own and I hope that I'm able to help them get throw those easier or atleast to understand that trail help us grow and can make us better people. I've got projects covering every table or counter in my house. I WILL get them all done this week I know it. I'm very excited for christmas this year. Excited to get to family and to spend lots of time with everyone. I'm really excited to have brett home for 9 days!!!!!! '
DONT for one second think everything is perfect at our house. We are a mess half the time. But i try to never post right after something happens because if i just wait alittle I will either laugh at how bad that was or smile at it. Time makes my life seem more amazing to me but trust me we have tonz of problems and trails everyday but I don't want to be turned in for being a awful mom. haha
Have a merry christmas everyone!

(things we did for Christmas - the live nativity, lights at the speedway, ward Christmas party, happy birthday Jesus party, caroling, secret santa shopping, and MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES)


Kata said...

Sheeze! You are such a freaking maniac... nor did you put in your blog all the service you give out... the gourmet meals you make daily... and all those workouts! You are practically the ward babysitter too! There are always kids at your house. You're so amazing. I'm so excited you're in YWs.. I'll get to see you again, right? haha! Your kids are just adorable- and you are doing all the right things. Such an inspiration! I love you to pieces!

sara cardon said...

I love it!! Your kids are the best and so hilarious! Paisley's hair is adorable, and Diesel has curls! We miss you guys so much! Lucy asked to move back to Vegas yesterday.:)