Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Come Fly with me


This year we headed up to Oregon for the holidays. The kids and I headed up Friday afternoon so that we could help Grandma with the Romans Christmas eve Party and Brett came up Saturday night. I never get good pictures of how crazy we are at the airport or how Diesel pokes everyone on the plane and Paisley puts her head phones on and then screams at me whenever she has a question. Those are the times I'm trying to keep everything together but I really wish that I could see some pictures of what we really look like during that time. We got to grandmas and my kids were soooo excited. We really love being up there with them. The next day we were busy setting up for the big party and then my Dad and I headed to walmart to pick up some last minute items. Its really fun just being with my dad sometimes. He is always working so hard or playing with my kiddos but this time I got him all to myself. That night was tonz of fun. I really wish that brett was there but just when I start to thinking of missing him Diesel jumps off the stage at the church and totally hits his head hard and it got HUGE!! After a wonderful manger reenactment and wonderful food we decided to head home. Dad got home about ten minutes after the party and we got everything ready for Christmas morning.
WE opened our presents in the morning and then we headed to church and it was just wonderful. Brett, the kids and I went to pick up Grandma and Grandpa in town so that they could see my dad talk and the nursing home didn't have grandpa ready and so it took along time. Miss sacrament but everything worked out well. We headed home after and it didn't talk long before EVERYONE was at Grandpa's house. We hurried and ate lunch and then we opened presents. Brett took this picture of my parents getting there quilts. I think he was way more excited to give the presents because he knew just how long it really took.

These were the only kids I could get to stop and take a picture. Everyone else headed out fast to play.

Aunt Julie got paisley the largest amount of Makeup ever. Every little girl under the age of 9 was in that bathroom doing makeup. I just took this one so I could get that cute butt.
Everyone stayed at grandmas til like 8 at night. It was a wonderful day just being all together.

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