Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vernal Days

the day after thanksgiving in Vernal they always have Vernal days (not the name but i can't rememeber) Its wonderful. all free- camel rides, donkey rides, jump house, santa, and on and on and on. My kids love it and this year it wasn't to cold so we had a great time. Paisley did an ice cube grab. There was quarters in all the ice cubes. paisley got 7 dollars!!!!!

dinosaur capital of the word. The little dinosaur moved and talked. My kids loved it.

If I had an extra 300 dollar I would have bought it. Maybe

Free balloon animals. We got two monkeys that last 10 minutes at the most (thank you diesel)
The parade is wonderful to. All around its a great family day. We love going and are kids have tons of fun.

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