Friday, December 2, 2011


It was a crazy ride up to oregon but we did it in one day. Yup we went the whole way with two kids and it wasn't the worst thing ever.

(free horse ride) Awesome break

As I was packing up to head to Utah the sky was just beautiful.
I decided to turn around and get a picture of my parents house. They have lives here for like 6 or 7 years.... time flies.

As my mom and I were heading to boise we stopped to get a treat and look what happened. Thousands of sheep just started walking across the street. It took them all about 3 minutes to get all of them across the road. Coolest thing ever
Diesel gets to kindof do lots of naughty things because hes so quiet. Apparently he thought Tex needed to have his food while he slept.
Oregon was so much fun. It goes by way to fast and I never get to see everyone. Excited to head back there for christmas

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sara cardon said...

So fun! Totally jealous you get to be home for the holidays!:) The sky picture was so pretty-- just doesn't look the same down South as it does in the West....