Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today Paisley's preschool class went to the fire station. She has been so excited about going to see if there was a dog at the station , to which she was so sad that they don't do that anymore. Dog apparently are not hygiene safe to have around all time at the station. Anyways the kids loved every minute of the tour. It was actually shocking to see how scaried the kids were when they put there whole suit on. they said that they have a big problem with kids not coming to them when there in a fire cause they are scared! SCARY
Paisley, Natalie and Caden came in my car and we met all the kids there. Caden became a HUGE fan of mine instantly and made it really hard to enjoy the day with Paisley but he needed alot of help today.
Seeing everything the truck had to offer

yup we got to shoot the water.
Miss Natalie really loved it

The guys were very nice to us and gave all the kids hats and candy and stickers. Got to love the fireman.

I really enjoyed getting to spend a little time with paisley without Diesel. Natalie's mom watched him for me this time and I really appreciated it. We are excited to get Emmy over here and play at the next field trip

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Nate and Jessica said...

You got awesome pictures! I'll be "stealing" them. Thanks in advance...oh and I miss Diesel so bring him over.