Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hes got TUBES!!!

Well Diesel has finally got some tubes in those ears! Hes blown his ear drums 3 times and is always so sick so the doctor finally said it was time to put some tubes in. Hes been sounding really sick lately so when we went in for the pre op appointment the doctor just listened for a second and said she probably wasn't going to be able to do the surgery because his lungs sounded bad!! I knew that it wasn't his lungs its just his throat probably and he is wheezing alot lately. After visiting with my family doc and the anesthesiologist they said his lungs were fine and that the surgery was a go. I was so happy because we are heading out of town for awhile and once he gets around new kids I'm sure hes going to get sick and once he gets sick he can't get over it for like a month. It wouldn't be til Jan. before we could get that boy some help.
The next morning paisley went to miss Kata's and Diesel went into surgery. Everything went really well and in 5 minutes they were done. His waking up was fast but then he was really mean. He yelled at me for along time and throw food everywhere. Finally the nurses moved me to a tv spot and he started to calm down. The picture was on the drive home. he was alittle out of it. Hes doing so good and his throat sounds lots better to. Just in time to get something else during the holidays!!!!


Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

Poor little, ADORABLE, diesel, I am SOOOO glad the surgery went smoothly, how scary and ruff, I am grateful you had wonderful friends to turn to to watch Paisley while Diesel was in surgery...I pray your family and mine make it through this already horrible flu, and illness season, it has been ROUGH over here as well, and the ped's Doc said it was a BAD pre-season already...OH MY GOSH I KNOW you just LOVED ALL that make up glowing on Miss Paisley's already smiling face! WHAT an AWESOME idea I may have to snatch the Adorable homeless guy for next year...that was awesome! I really do pray and HOPE you all manage to stay well, as well as can be expected thru your various travels, I can't help but feel overwhelmingly jealous that you are blessed to be able to go and see family this time of year...These next few months are the toughest on our emotions especially since Art's grandpa just passed away...Take care, drive safe and give those beautiful kiddos a BIG ol hug and kiss for me and Addy! We sure miss you and YOUR amazing cooking, OH and on THAT note I keep thinking of your mac and cheese you made when we visited said you only used three different cheeses, WHAT were they cause it has been sounding soooooo good to me lately and I need me some wonderful reminders of a wonderful friend!!! Miss you pretty lady!!

sara cardon said...

Oh! Poor Diesel! He is such a sweet boy! I will cross my fingers he stays healthy through the holidays!!