Thursday, September 29, 2011

No WHAT???

Well I don't believe that you should ever post if you don't have pictures but ..... I don't have pictures. My camera broke (4 months old), Paisley's leapster broke (14 months), Our printer broke, and now our 18 month old vacuum. Can you believe this!!!!! Its been kindof a crazy week. My husband finally ended In-patient and we have been loving seeing him before he goes to work and before bed. Paisley is loving pre-school and wishes it was everyday and Diesel is just loving the ride. I over spent this month and we had lots of fun but expensive trips and purchases so I've been trying to stay home and stay on budget for the month. I want to tell My mother and father thank you so much for listening to me complain and ask for help this month with all my problems (paisley is having a HUGE stealing problem right now) I love my parents so much. My mother is my best friend in the whole world and I wouldn't go to anyone but my father for advice. How did I get to lucky to have them as my parents. And my amazing husband has dealt with some awful dinner planing and stressed out mother every day when he comes home from work yet he comes home with a smile and makes everything better. I'm one lucky mom, wife and daughter.


Karli said...

You're silly. I agree that pictures are fun, but some of the best posts are just real life journaling posts. No worries. I love that you are real and living a real mommy/crazy stressful life like the rest of us inside all that talent you have. From the outside looking in, I'd say you're handling things incredibly gracefully. We've had a few klepto moments ourselves and right now the huge ordeal is bedtime. Every.single.night. I think it's just stages and phases and the real test is getting the moms through them in one piece! You're doing great, Kate. And, you do have amazing parents who we love around this house, too. (:

sara cardon said...

Aaahhh! Wish we could steal that little Paisley to come play at our house for awhile!:) That stinks all your stuff is breaking down, how frustrating! They all go through phases I guess-- Lucy is in a reeeally obnoxious-in-your-face-always-bored phase and I'm ready to quit!

Kata said...

Holy Smokes! Good old buddy I've been! ahhh! Makes me feel terrible that I haven't been a better friend to you. You are amazing, and seem to get through everything with grace! I hate when things break, especially things you depend on! What a nightmare! We are definitely hanging this week!