Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome October

Since my last post I also wanted to tell you that our blender broke to and both of our cars batteries had to be replaced!!!! I know CRAZY! WEll This month has already been so full and busy. The first weekend was conference which was AWESOME and my kids did pretty ok. The Next weekend we headed up to Utah for some family time. WE were able to travel from house to house staying the night with each family. I got a new rug at Ikea that I'm planning on changing up and I even got my hair colored! Its almost been a year. Thanks Krista. Monday we were heading back and Grandma Connie came home with us. The drive went really well ( Its fun being a kid in the back and watching movies, they got it easy back there). We spent the rest of the week playing barbie dolls and shopping around vegas. It was so nice to have Grandma in town. When she left Paisley just kept saying that we will see you in 4 weeks (thanksgiving) and that seemed to make grandma feel a little better.
As we were pulling into our house Danni and he kids were pulling in to stay with us for the weekend. I only had thirty minutes to clean up the house before I took Grandma to the airport and that just wasn't enough time. Dani is such a great mom and totally takes great care of Chase and I just needed to have the house totally clean of all germs. I hope the house was ok cause we worked really hard on cleaning in such a short time. That night we went out to dinner at Cheese Cake factory and we got a nice area in the back where no one else was and the kids were really good. After dinner we came home and put the kids to bed and played some card games. We such at games now. I think its because we were playing so late (9:20) we are so old.
The next day diesel was so tired so we just stayed home while ashton and dani took there kids down to the strip to see the sites. WE had a great dinner that night and just enjoyed enough before they headed home. We have really missed hanging out with these guys. We are all so comfortable with each other and have such a great time. Miss ya guys
Sunday was the primary program. Paisley did amazing just like I knew she would. She has a real love for singing with all her heart and speaking in front of people. I'm so proud of that little girl. My husband really wanted to record her but I had I to just take his phone away!
Life is getting busier and busier and I love it. More family comes in this weekend and I'm so excited. I've missed seeing my friends around here so I better get over to there house and make sure they remember me.

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