Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ready. Set. DISNEY

Day 1- We ran right over to go on Peter Pan cause we heard it gets busy really fast. It was ok, not amazing but still its DISNEYLAND hello. Next we went from ride to ride just acting like school kids. alot of fun. ( Geppeto scared paisley to death, last visitor we talked to)

MOM MOM LOOK WHO IT IS!! BEST DAY EVER! She talked to her for a long time. We didn't have to wait forever but it was worth it cause Paisley tells everyone about she.

Dad road on most rides, Diesel and I get along really well.

Finding Nemo----- NOT my favorite.

Yes we paid way to much for that face. But she loved it more than anything else.

Its a small world after all......( your singing it aren't you)

The kids and I hit up a ride while dad did a big kid ride.

Fantasmic! Totally worth it

Night 1 was a long one but alot of fun. I felt so blessed to be there with all my family. Won't forget this day


sara cardon said...

The first picture with Paisley freaked out is classic! Ha! You guys crammed a ton in. Love the face paint! Lucy would be totally jealous!!

Kata said...

Looks like a total magical experience... as always Disney's the best! love the first pic! And sometimes the difference between a great time, and an amazing time is just $100. We learned that by our 2nd time!

Nate and Jessica said...

I've been wondering about your trip! Looks awesome...with some of those "moments" as well...hope to see ya soon!