Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting to Disney

Its been forever.... I'm sorry again. I don't know why its so hard sometimes to just get it together. anyways.....
About 3 weeks ago we were able to go to Disneyland as a family and it was soooo much fun. The drive down was.... long. alot of "when will we be there" questions and diesel crying out of boredom. The first night we went to a hotel that we got off priceline and it was a three star but man was it gross. My husband immediately got on the phone and got us moved to a new place. CRAZY waking up and packing our bags to get to Disneyland by 7!!! Paisley was so excited and kept waking up and asking if it was time to go and that would wake up Diesel who would cry for about 10 minutes, long night. But we made it right on time in the morning and we were ready.
Wanted to show when both kids were happy in the car (pictures not taken at the same time) ha

Waiting to enter the gates

soo soo excited
They finally let us in and we hit the sights.


meg baker said...

Yeah Disneyland. I hope it was everything Paisley could dream of:)

sara cardon said...

Isn't traveling with kids the worst?? Any change to their routine and they are a mess. Sounds like it was worth it though!!