Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can anyone say PRINCESSESS

pure excitment

Well its official.. I'm the worst blogger ever. I have so many things to post its out of control. Field trips, two trips to see family, friends, home projects, easter, and a trip to Zions! Wish me luck.
Now lets just try to finish Disney Land

Saturday morning we were able to eat with all the princesses. Paisley was so excited that she didn't eat anything. I can't blame her it was pretty amazing.
Pictures before we got inside

I said she wasn't hungry..... maybe it was all those oreos she ate

little mermaid
snow white

Bell who was not very nice

Once that was all over Paisley was pretty tired. She spend most of the next couple of hours laying on her dad.

We decided to stop and watch a show and I'm so glad we did. It was Aladdin and we loved it. Will do it again.We were getting ready to head out when we saw this guy and paisley stopped us and said we had to take a picture for her buddy cannon.
It was such a wonderful vacation. We are so lucky.

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Kata said...

Cannon loves that Paisley got to go to Radiator Springs! He's ready to go again....