Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our week

I had a shower for my friend onTuesday and I really wanted to have some things done before then. I made this fold open bench monday while the kids were sleeping and this wreath I made with my friend Kata. Super cute huh?

These girls are my neighbors and The onr in the blue has a little girl that comes and play twice a week. (Chelsey and Cassidy)

These are my other good friends Amy and Kata. Amy lives right down the road and her two girls come to play alot and Kata's little boy we do a play group once a week.
I'm very lucky to have lots of good friends!!

Yes my life is changing. No more just turn on the TV to get something done really quick. Paisley will hold still but not little man. HES EVERYWHERE

We have been practicing some baseball in our backyard (paisley needs lots of help) but i love her. I don't know if Diesel loves being in the grass

She was determined to teach him how to roll the ball. She was very mad when I told her that it just wouldn't happen.
Well the week was alot of fun. Busy, sometimes stressful but mostly just fun being outside and enjoy our little family. We are heading to Disney land for the first time. Brett went when he was little and I've never been and neither have our kids. Should be exciting!! I'm sure there will be a picture overload when we get back. Have a great weekend.

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