Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend plans

This last weekend we headed up to see our buds the Prince family. Its been FOREVER since we have been able to see them, due to Bretts crazy schedule. Friday brett had to take a test so we just hung out with the prince's, did a little shopping and then picked dad up. I never know how Brett will be after a test so I picked where we would eat at night and I was not in tune with Brett's stomach, so we headed to Five guys instead, SO GOOD! The weekend was just a fun relaxing time. Paisley totally over whelms there family but Abby is so nice to her and they plan so well. chase loves playing with paisley to, we teach him bad things to do. Sorry Danni. Mason is so handsome and loves that tex just lays by him and lets him pull all his hair out. Diesel crawling has started to really pick up and he pretty much eats everything he can find. The morning that we were leaving Diesels ear blow again which made for a crazy morning getting out of Vegas but it was well worth all the work. WE love these guys and hopefully we get to see them lots more.
No pictures, camera was in the car the whole time. SMART
ONly picture I have is of Diesel throwing up all over me right before we left. Notice that there is no milk right by the brown pillow...... thats because I was there .Fun fun

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