Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hair cut

Diesels hair is turning into a problem area. The baby hair really needed to go. Monday night we, as a family, cut diesels hair. He looks so cute. No more Grandpa hair.

This little junk holders are pretty in right now. Tried to by one at West elm and it was going to be 30 bucks for one. Little did they know Target had them in there dollar section decorated like Easter but HELLO spray paint changes everything. LOVE IT
Paisley has been playing with me alot lately. We played hide and seek and this is where i finally found her. Pretty smart little stink.

Diesel has no chance of avoiding glitter and dress up in this house. You can't really see his cat ears paisley added to his outfit the other day, he loved them!

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meg baker said...

My boys and I have gotten into hide and seek too. I think that Paisley gets it much better than Luke. That is a great hiding spot. I love that she dresses up her brother. That is just too cute!