Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Emmett trunk

Pottery Barn's Emmett Trunk comes in at about $699!!! A little crazy for a storage BOX!!! but i fell in love with it. I went and looked at it in person and I just knew that I could make it and I would love it. I asked a website to help me but they took way to long so I came up with the plans by myself. TRUST ME its not prefect but my husband is happy so I'm happy.
Mine. It's 10 at night so the lighting in awful but i couldn't wait til morning. I don't have handles yet cause i want the perfect ones.

the stain is soooo pretty. Alot of sanding and staining, sanding and staining.


Kata said...

its just the most wonderful "piece" Seriously, you are going to have to showcase this with fancy lamps and spot lights! I just love the depth of the wood color. I had no idea what it took to get that richness in color. I want to stain something ...seriously!!! You are so amazing. I loved seeing you today with stain on your hands. All that hard work will be enjoyed for years. And tomorrow in the light you have to show all the details that I love, like the distressing and sanding you did on that base trim. Hearts!! Brilliant Katie!

meg baker said...

You are amazing. I'm really impressed with your wood working skills. It really turned out beautiful!

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

Beautiful turned out awesome! Okay so did you get the wood at home depot??? So my little project dooer what inspired you to do all these fun pieces??? I would love to see these up close and see all the details in the wood etc. how great you must feel knowing you made it for one and then only spent $85 dollars and it will probably be cuter than the one at pottery barn! Awesome job and yes I really do want to see a better picture cause the lighting isn't good and I know there is a ton of tlc that went into that PLEASE take a picture during the day!!!

sara cardon said...

CUTE!! Seeing the one at Pottery Barn, I can officially say I like yours better anyway. The stain is gorgeous!!