Friday, January 21, 2011


Christmas has come and gone. The decorations have been put away ( thanks Brett) and yet for a whole month I haven't been able to find ten minutes to write about it. WHATS MY PROBLEM!
Brett was able to spend all Christmas day at home with us and it was wonderful. Paisley loved all her presents and was really excited about her brothers things as well. Santa brought paisley a wonderful doll house and a makeup Box.
My husband said santa must be real because who would buy a three year old all that makeup!!!!!! he is totally right.

She liked the Doll house but WE LOVED THE MAKEUP BOX!!!!
Give me a break its morning
Paisley wants Diesel to hold all this things.

Probably only her 5th time playing with this.

And then it was time for Grandma Connies Present. .............................

Craftin stuff. ALOT OF IT
She was so excited. WE love to craft. Lets just say our house has a nice glitter look all over it.WE hung out at home for awhile and then headed over to our friends house for dinner and a movie. We saw Tangled for the third time. Dont feel bad for us, WE love that movie. Then we tried to grab dinner. Guess what NOTHING is open. We hit Carl's Junior drive throw. It was a good day.


taylor said...

Hey Kate, I saw a while back on your blog some wreaths that you made, and I want to make one for Valentine's day, on a heart shaped wreath. I just wanna know how you attached everything?

Your kids are so cute and it was fun seeing you guys (:

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

SO I was in at the end of writing this long old comment and my computer died...SOO I will have to call ya and talk to you instead so I will chat with ya soon! I love the pictures and can't wait to see the after-math of the makeup adventures that await ya! I am already smiling...Diesel is so dang adorable I think he is a great mix of the two of you but definitely looks like you more! I love his eyes! Any how I so miss having paisley over for play dates and miss our dinners and hang outs when this is all over we are going to have to take a vacation together to celebrate making it through this crappy chapter of our lives...its not all bad but the work part and work hours are...tell Brett we said hi and wish him lots of luck with the remainder of this year what rotation is he doing right now, Art is finishing up his last month at the CRAPPY V.A. he was put with the same terrible, thorough doctor he had his first month that made his life hell then and is of course doing it again, I told him to call him out on his behavior but he said he can handle the 8 remaining days with the jerk...I'll chat with ya later about that...and the fun...painting and wall paper removal crap we have been exploring! miss ya tons!