Sunday, December 26, 2010

For those of you out there wondering how our Second child is doing... Hes great. He is a wonderful little man. He smiles all day long and really loves his sister. You might look at this blog and wonder what we do with him as we are busy with dance, movies and traveling. Don't worry he is right there with us. He eats 3 times a night, rolls like crazy, loves to scream at his sister and pull her hair. Loves bath time. You better believe that when that water starts his sister is coming in to. The funniest part is when Diesel pees all over her and she gets right in his face and reminds him that its not ok to do that and he better not do that again, Diesel just smiles. We are currently working on solid food. He loves it way more than formula. This child drinks alimentum, aka liquid gold. That stuff is soooo expensive! But it seems to help a little bit. I sure love having him around while paisley is busy, I think that we are best buddies.
P.S. Beware of his when hes hungry... he loves to suck on FACES!!!!


Anjalique said...

Hey, Katie! It's Anjalique. I knew I had your blog saved in my bookmarks, but I didn't realize until today that I had it saved THREE times there! :) Guess I was nervous about losing it. I just spent some time getting caught up on your cute blog and your little family. We miss you guys, and we miss Henderson. Hope you had beautiful holidays. :)

Rylee said...

he is so cute, and getting so big! we need to get together soon, we miss you guys.