Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our week

( Lucy is way bigger than us but not as bad as it looks, we are on the down slop)
We will start off with last weekend. WE headed up to meet dad at Mt. Charleston. He went with Lucy's Dad hiking. They had alot of fun and I think this could happen alot more. We headed up around noon to meet them and have fun. THERE WAS SNOW!!!!! Crazy. It was so cold and the kids didn't love it...... hey I didn't love it , it was freezing. That didn't last long, then we headed down and went to the park to let the girls play alittle more.
Sunday we went to church and then to a friends house for Halloween. Then we hit the pavement. In just our neighborhood there were like 200 kids. It was so much fun. It was my first time doing the real trick R treating and I loved it. It was a great weekend.

Paisley doesn't like peas so went I cook with them she asks me to take all of them out. I thought that I got all of them but they were cooked with rigatoni noodles and those hide them pretty well. She went through each noodle. We wouldn't want her to eat one of those nasty things.

This weeks project. I LOVE THIS WREATH!!!! So cheap and so cute. I made two and plan on giving it for a wedding gift. I hope they like it.


Grandma Brenda said...

Your wreath is BEAUTIFUL, thanks for the picture, it makes more sense now. What a scream those 3 little peas are. Shades of her Hartley Family! I don't know of one true Hartley that will eat peas, or any of about 1,000 other veggies. Paisley is pretty good about everything else, though, so you are doing a great job of bringing the Johnson "I'll try anything for you" tradition into your own family. We love you all! Mom

Karli said...

So I totally thought Brett was hugging on another woman in the picture of you two as skeletons! It doesn't even look like you! When I blew it up, I could tell, phew! (:

And, the wreath is beautiful-you are so talented with your weekly do you get those done?!

I love the peas picture. Grayson won't eat them either...but he also won't eat about every other food on the planet except salmon, turkey burgers, and ranch dip. Sometimes all together. (:

Miss you guys!

sara cardon said...

Lucy does look like a foot taller than Paisley in that picture...well, maybe she is?!?:) Your wreath turned out super cute!! So crafty!!