Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Parties

Sydney and Paisely
Paisley told me that she is her Best Neighbor. HAHA So cute.

Aden, Sydney and Paisley

Friday night we were invited to a party that we got to dress up for. I saw on Martha Stewart how to make skeleton faces. We only had 30 minutes to get everyone dressed and I think we did pretty good. Paisley didn't want to be Cleopatra again so we settled for a ballerina. They played an adult musical chairs. My husband wasn't around when we started and when he came over he asked where I was. Everyone said that I was playing a game and he said. well she will win. They all laughed and he said no, I'm serious she will win. ....... I won. But I didn't get all competitive. Paisley came over to play with me and I think the DJ fell in love with us and helped us win. Thanks
Natalie, Paisley and Janson
Earlier that day we went to Dad's work for a little walk around parade for the kids. They were all so cute and it was good seeing everyone.


sara cardon said...

Cute blog!! This will be a great way to get some more Paisely stories.:) That girl is the best!!

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

It took me a second to recognize you... that was an AWESOME skeleton face you did on you and Brett, and just a little creepy might I add I kept scrolling back up to look...Ha Ha...Diesel is SO DANG ADORABLE! Art started comparing our little guys and how Diesel just rolls all over the place and Rohnin just likes to sit and smile and roll over to avoid tummy time.. what can I say he has a little gut on him...and I LOVE every roll! He has lost like 4 pounds due to being sick and it makes me sad cause his tummy isn't as big! Ha Ha! Paisley is getting taller and cuter and cuter and Addy still remembers Paisley which I love! We miss hanging out with you guys and all the fun times...Heck we were just saying how we miss having members close by...and seeing LDS churches everywhere...You have such a beautiful family Katie regardless the eye color! Although I am still waiting for one of my kids to have green far it is 3 blue to my green...we will just have to wait and see! PLEASE tell Paisley we said HI and give her Diesel and Brett a big hug for us and tell Brett we wish him lots of luck in his nest Rotation! Art starts the cruddy V.A. AGAIN so say a prayer for him cause he is going to need it! Miss you Katie take care!

Rylee said...

i keep clicking on the picture of you and brett. i can tell its brett but your face is totally freaking me out! very good paint job!