Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm so far behind

Well I'm way way behind. I have to make a confession.... I get so mad at everyone when they don't update all the time and I'm like the worst one. I'm so sorry everybody.

Well this Thanksgiving Brett took some time off and we went up to Vernal to see the family. It was soooo nice. We have really missed seeing everyone. Grandma WEnda was able to come out and see everyone as well. This is Leila, Matt and Krista's new addition. She is so cute.

Vernal Days.
I'm not always the biggest fan of vernal but I have to give them props, Holly days was alot of fun. they had face paint, ice carving, magic show, rides, tree decorating contest, free hot chocolate, churrios, and cotton candy. and sooooo much more. It was so much fun.

Cute story. WE told paisley that she had to tell santa what she wanted for christmas. During the parade he drove by and paisley started to scream. "Mom I didn't get to tell him what I wanted" SOOO funny. She got to tell him everything after the parade.

Oh grandma connie. She was freezing.

Taking a break from the cold and playing at grandmas. We couldn't touch her face all day because we would ruin her face paint.

YES a camel.

Polar express ride.

we were the VERY first ones. totally paisley

Cute idea. They froze some things and had the kids break them out.

She got a dollar.
Holly days and Vernal days were so much fun. BUT it was more fun just being with family. we are so lucky to have such a wonderful family. We love them all and sure miss them.


Rylee said...

thanks for updating! we've been missing you guys! looks like thanksgiving was lots of fun.

The Hartley Family said...

Barry says paisley's face paint reminds him of mike Tyson. We had a good giggle over her awesome turkey. Were excited to see u guys for Christmas!