Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trunk R Treat

No matter where you live........ There is always a Trunk R treat. How sad would it be to be LDS and move to a new town that doesn't do that. I don't even want to think about it.

Anyways we headed over to the church at 6 with a crock pot of chili and a bowl of candy. We were really hoping that everything would get started right away and then we could head down to our friends house in henderson for a party....... its church people.... 6:45 finally came around and the party began. There were millions of children and we had so much fun. The best costume was a bunch of girls all dressed up like crayons and went around together, it was really good. Paisley and I went around to all the cars, " Trunk R treat" followed by a loud "thank you" she was so cute. Made me very proud of her for using her manners.

The two girls in the cowgirl outfits come over once a week and we go over there once to. They sure love each other. Oldest- Ava Youngest - lizzie

There was a boy with a big sumo costume and paisley really wanted to touch him.
Dad and Diesel manning the car.
She was so dirty. WE had to shower with that hair and the dirt was everywhere. There is all this black stuff on the ground here in Vegas and Paisley picked most of it up with her dress.

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