Sunday, October 24, 2010

IT'S TIME.....

October 10,2010 we headed up to Oregon to Bless our little man. It was so wonderful being able to go up and do the blessing there. It was harvest time and my family wouldn't be able to come to Vegas. Brett's family was so nice and said they would make the trip up there as well. There were many men in the circle and I was so proud of my husband. When he gave my daughter her blessing he said over and over that she needed to love the gospel and she truly does. I was kindof mad that he didn't say anything about us being good friends or listen to your mother ....... well we all know that she loves church... I MEAN LOVES church and our relationship...... is great:)
It was nice being able to stay at my mom and dads house and just hang out with everyone. Normally we have to head out at like 4 to get to the airport but we didn't have to fly home til Monday morning which was nice.

This freezer opened about 100 times. NO JOKE! with 21 kids..... ice cream and Popsicle everywhere

Paisley- Mom I just love all my best friends
Me- oh ya , you love your cousins.
Paisley- No mom there my best friends.

That's Special. I hope that I'm a good mom and always let her be best friends with her cousins

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