Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paisley and Diesel in October

When we moved to Vegas we really wanted to give paisley a backyard so that she would play by herself a little. Until now she would never play by herself for more than.... 5 minutes. We did a very generic backyard and a good but little swing set. Our neighbors moved in and did a beautiful backyard. Then yesterday afternoon I went out side and this was there. A huge swing set put together by a professional. Now there little boy rings his bell on his way better swing set and tells paisley to come out and play. They play for hours with each other. The funny thing is that they have never meet outside of the backyard and they have never actually touched or anything. They just talk all day over the fence. How cute.

Max and Ruby every morning and some chocolate milk. Now we have to add Diesel sitting by her.

I like the bouncer... I just don't really fit in it. Thank goodness for dads BIG books

YA whenever I think I'm having a hard day I need to really think about Tex and everything he puts up with.

she loves to shave with her dad. So cute

When your kids act different,,,, believe them. She just wanted to lay down on the floor. Didn't feel good. one hour later she woke up and came out. Throw up all over Brett, Her room and then our bed. Believe them.

Paisley Pumpkin. She loved cleaning it out.


Nate and Jessica said...

I'll tell you what I like, that bra on the floor.

meg baker said...

Hahaha! So I called my mom tonight to tell her a story. Well I guess she was reading your blog and we have the same story. Austin kept saying, "mom my tummy hurts." Bad mom me, "Austin do you just need to go potty?" We went to Walmart tonight. As we are checking out he pukes. Not just little either! Poor kid, bad mom. I concur the bra on the floor was awesome and I can so relate. Love the post!