Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NOt a good choice

Today Paisley and I were working in the garage and our neighbor and friend came over to say hi. Paisley was getting very sick of helping me so she decided to head in the house. Normally I would check on her often to make sure our house isn't totally destroyed but today I decided that she could be on her own for 10 minutes. Come on now she is and very grown up 3 year old. Finally I thought it was time to call her out. She came right out and was very happy. LOOK MOM!!! All by her self.

Diesel sure thinks his sister is silly


meg baker said...

Paisley will have to have a turn at my toes when I see her next. I probably won't be able to reach them by then haha:)

Grandma Brenda said...

Paisley, what beautiful toe nails!!! What a patient mom, too. I hope the mess inside wasn't too bad, but the use of color on the nails was exceptional! What an amazing artistic creation! Love ya, Mom

Dani said...

Honestly were you surprised? I love that girl because she is always full of surprises! We miss you guys. You up for a S.G. trip any time soon?