Wednesday, August 18, 2010

something smells funny

(strikers mad, he wants to be in the middle)
After dad left everything shifted over to the fair. I love the fair. When I took my husband for the first time he just looked at me and said "why." It's old school, super dirty, and FUN FUN FUN. I'm all about traditions and I went to that fair all the time and I just love it. It would brake up heart if I couldn't go. It was hard only going for 1 day.... it was even harder because they took away my favorite donut shop. I was planning on some major weight gain. I LOVE THEM.

I'm hoping that when Paisley is alittle older she will be able to go up in the summer and take care of and show live stock, there is something to be said when you can take care of an animal like that. I sure miss being up there with family, seeing my little girl with all her cousins, I can't wait for Heaven!

It was super hot up there and Diesel didn't love the fair half as much as paisley. He is hot blooded.
Markie (my cousin) getting an award for showmanship.

My Dad and Rhett

Allie- pissed , her sister beat her

Gavin who won 1st in his class and first in 4 h and then second in overall. His pig also was grand champion. most pigs sell at around 5 dollars, he got 13 dollars. GO GAVIN

Regan - so grown up
sailor lee
All the girls just wanted to walk around by themselves. The youngest ones did and they were lost for about 20 minutes. Don't worry they were in the air conditioning building getting free samples. I think the oldest kid was 5 and there were 5 of them. People didn't think twice about it, small town.

I can't believe its over. Can't wait til next year.


Bateman Family said...

Brings back fond memories for me too. Small town fairs are full of traditions. Glad you got to go home for the weekend.

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

How nice is that I agree with Allyson! Diesel is Soo dang adorable awe how I wish I could hold that little guy...paisley looks like she had a blast! We sure miss you guys!

meg baker said...

Ha I love the comment under Allie's picture (it is the truth). I'm glad I'm not the only one who comes from miles away to go the fair. Really it should not be that fun, but well like you said "tradition." I too was very disappointed their was no little donuts. I have tried making them myself, but it didn't quite work. So if you find a good recipe let me know. Diesel is getting so big and he is very cute!