Friday, August 20, 2010


Last night we headed out to look at some cars. We are in need of replacing Brett's beast and we are having a really hard time deciding what to do. We were really hoping a couple of cars would work out and they were totally not what we thought. I could tell my husband was just frustrated... plus it was time to eat. As we were pulling in to eat I said to my husband " when we get home you should go to the gym" (that's what i tell him to do when he is all frustrated) A little voice from the back says " Ya Dad lets go to the G Y M " totally spells it out. Before you think she is a genius we have to spell it out because she always wants to go to the gym and sometimes we don't want to go and then she gets so mad. I guess that's over, she figured it out. Brett and I just started laughing and she thought it was so funny so she started saying G Y M over and over and over. WE had to make her stop. Funny girl.

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Rylee said...

how funny! its amazing the things kids pick up on. i'm still surprised my kids don't say a lot more cuss words with me as their mom. haha.