Friday, July 9, 2010

dance and swimming

(Its hard for the teachers to leave her alone because she is so small but it drives me crazy, "she can go on her own" I want to scream at them)

I wanted Paisley to be really busy after the baby came so that she wouldn't get to jealous ( I was wrong, she is ) We signed up for gymnastics, dance, and swimming. She still can't decide which one she loves more, it changes every day.

Loved this little girl

Dance was harder for her because she was in a 3-5 year old class. I was sick of the baby stuff. She loves doing it and its getting her ready for her big class that will be every monday for a year.
Having two is pretty hard. Paisley wants to be ALL OVER her brother and he doesn't like it at all. I want to sometimes be alone with him and that NEVER happens. Paisley doesn't want to sleep anymore but needs it so much, when she does fall asleep its for 2 hours! And she throws the biggest fits all the time. It's going to get better I know it.

Side note. Its been a couple of days since I wrote this post and Paisley is doing better. Tex sleeps with Paisley now and we also got her nursery rhymes on a CD and she is going to bed like a champ. We still think we are the boss and that mom and dad know nothing but I don't think thats going to really ever change.

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