Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grandma Connie Visits

Week two of Diesels life and Grandma Connie came to visit us. It was nice to have someone else there with me through the week. She came in Saturday night and we had two barbecues that day, one for work and one for the community. They were alot of fun until Paisley almost drowned in the pool and another mom jumped in to save her. Bad parent award goes to Brett and I.

Grandma came with some great gifts. She found this Dora set at a yard sale and grabbed it for us. Boy was it a great deal. Everything works and Paisley loves it. Grandma played with Paisley for hours.
grandma with the kiddos

Dad was a great sport with paisley. She loved dressing him up!

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Grandma Brenda said...

DON'T EVER lose track of this picture of Brett and Paisley dressed up! It's priceless, and when he's Dad's age will come in quite handy for a little friendly blackmail. Plus, the kids and Grandkids will treasure it! Love ya, Me