Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Keeping busy

June went by so quick. Thank goodness, thats what I wanted. I did alot of projects to keep me busy before little man got here. I recovered my seats, they were aweful.

Picked up this chair at Walkers furniture for only 10.81! (tax included) I wanted a chair for our room and I thought for that price this was the chair.

I like the finishing product

Finally finished decorating my china chest.

Made curtains - very easy just a pain to cut out.

found this dresser on Craigs list and I loved it. Wanted it for Diesels room
What do you think ? cute huh

Made a wreath with lima beans.

recovered the pillows on Diesels rocking chair. They were pink before.

Found something to fill in the black over the TV. Birds! We like it for now, the piece that is missing is still sold out. annoying.


Rylee said...

wow, you did keep busy, i love all your projects! the lima bean wreath is adorable. we are leaving town today but will have to get together when we get back. i gotta meet diesel!

Karli said...

Dang cute projects. I actually drooled a little when I saw Diesel's dresser! Jealous! Good find & awesome job fixing up all those projects-you are such a determined go-getter! How are you feeling? Cute cute house, Kate.

joven said...

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Anjalique said...

Wow, Katie! Those are some great projects! You really have a great style with decorating. I thought the wreath was especially creative.