Sunday, June 27, 2010

We don't know

6 pounds 5 ounces 18 1/2 inches
7 pounds 3 ounes 19 1/2 inches
WE don't know who he looks like. He's sure cute though.


meg baker said...

Oh Kate he is so precious. I'm so glad he came here safely! These little people are just so hard to get into the world with our little bodies, but who said we weren't up for a challenge right? Interesting my contractions come really quickly too. I thought that was interesting. I hope your leg gets better soon. He is so sweet. I'm sure Paisley is just loving him. Take care and congratulations!

Karli said...

He is a beautiful baby Katie! So glad he is here! I'm sorry your birthing experience wasn't ideal-the epidural part sounds a lot like mine, but I didn't have drop foot (so sorry about that & hope it goes away quickly!). Knowing what a determined woman you are, you'll find a cure & fix it yourself before 6 months! How awesome for your husband to know what it was and how best to take care of you too. Your SanDiego trip looked fun too-give Paisley a love for us & get lots of rest!

He is a total handsome boy too by the way!

Anonymous said...

He is adorable! Good job, Katie and Brett! I'm sorry there were so many challenges getting him here, although I know he's totally worth it. I love his name and I'm sure that Miss Paisley will be a HUGE help to you, too. Hang in there and don't overdo it (although I'm pretty sure you will...haha!) Sure miss your cute family! Best of luck to you in the nights to come!

Troy, Courtney, and Max said...

Sounds like you were put through the ringer! try and take it easy. We're happy you are safe and baby is healthy! Hey at least you get to ride the carts at Target now. Just kidding.

Rachelle said...

ahhhhh Congrats you two.. Darling baby.