Sunday, June 27, 2010

Now here.... Baby Diesel

I know I know it's been a week and I haven't updated or anything. Its been a crazy week and the last thing I wanted to do was write this whole thing down. But I thought that one week was long enough and it was time to get busy.

As many of you know I was suppost to have Diesel on Tuesday the 15th. But things didnt' work so we had to wait til the following tuesday the 22nd. I just knew that I wouldn't have this baby on my own, what can I say the boy just liked were he was. It was a long week of parties for work and getting little things ready.

Sunday morning 4:05 ...... Mommy Mommy. I get up and start taking Paisley back to her room. All of the sudden I kindof feel like I wet my pants. It wasn't a LOT but nothing had ever happened like that before. I came into Brett and said hey I think my water broke. " YOu think" he said. It took me a minute before I convinced myself that this was happened. Brett jumped up and started getting everything ready. We soon realized that we didn't plan well. Paisley would have to go with us to the hospital. WE never imagined that he would come on his own.

( not feeling great, mad at Brett for taking that one)

I'm glad that Brett said lets go when he did because by the time we were in the car I was having contractions that hurt pretty bad. We get to the hospital and I'm not feeling well. REALLY HURTING! They had to do a lot of stupid things like check my blood, make sure my water really broke, move me to a new room, hook me up to everything, call the doctor, check me, IV me, and it seemed like they were just trying to do more things so that doctor wouldn't come and take away my pain. After being there for about 2 hours I finally got to see that wonderful doctor. During those 2 hours I was crying screaming, and wanting everything to just stop and cut him out. HORRIBLE! IT was so hard to hold still while I got the epidural, I hurt the nurse pretty bad i think. Well the first epidural didn't work, he hit a blood vessel so we had to do it again, I went through about 6 more contractions, They were only 1-2 minutes apart. He got the second one in but he couldn't go all the way. Which means that I was only going to be numb an inch above my belly button. When they give you the good stuff at first I felt great. So happy that the hard part was over. Then the other medicine started to take over and I could feel everything contraction but my feet were so numb I couldn't move at all. My pain was at about a 7 so they gave me some more which lasted about an hour and then everything hurt again. I got to an eight really fast but then things started to slow down a lot. They put me on pitocin . The doctor came in and said that they baby isn't coming all the way down because his head was tilted and his head and ear were coming out first. She said that they were going to try and tilt me and open my pelvis to see if they could get that baby to move , other wise we would have to do a c-section. They put me on my side and put one leg up on this shelf thing and I had to sit there for 30 minutes and the contractions hurt. Then I moved to the other side. Finally he moved and she said to just try to push and lets see. Pushed once and she said STOP STOP STOP. Baby was coming. They got all ready and 2 pushes and Diesel was here. THANK GOODNESS!!!!! He looked wonderful, Head was a little weird but he was great.

Brett headed off to grab Paisley from a friends house, They came and got her at 6 in the morning, so nice of them, and grab my mom and dad. SO the nurse came in a moved me to a new room. I couldn't feel my legs still at all because they gave me so much stuff and it DIDN'T help! She forgot to give me the nurse button so I just waited to go to the bathroom, 3 hours ! by the time my husband got there I thought I was in labor again. I couldn't get out of bed or walk. I thought I was dying. After the longest pee of my life, I started to feel better.
It was so nice to have my family there with me. Paisley just loved him to death.

That night Diesel did great and we all slept wonderfully. The next day my left leg still wasn't working right. My husband looked me over and said you have "DROP FOOT" awesome. The doctor came in and talked to Brett about it, she didn't know half as much as brett. Go babe!
So now we are home and I still can't feel my left leg on top of my foot. I can't lift my toes up so I'm walking really funny. We went to get a brace and it helps but man it hurts when I've walked on it all day. The GREAT news is though............... it should go away in 6 months. YA I'm not kidding.

I'm so happy that little man is here. He is such a wonderful baby and Paisley just loves him. I'm so happy that that is all over and I'm just hoping that my leg starts working soon.


Grandma Brenda said...

What a blessing it was to be with your family this week. It was hard to leave, but I know you and Brett and kids will be just fine. You are amazing to me - I would have been tempted to milk the "having a baby" for all it was worth - sleeping in, letting my mom do all the yucky stuff - but I had to make you let me do anything it seemed. You have always been so independent, and that's what will get you through these next few months. Your tenacity! I love you TONZ and am so proud of your new little family. Give them all kisses from us - Love, Me

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

Yicks, I soo wish I would have been there to help out with all that craziness going on... you poor thing...We are soo glad he is here safe and sound, what a mess with the epidermal, yicks that stinks! I always thought it would be fun to have my water break but FORGET THAT give me drugs and knock me out...I hope your drop foot goes away sooner than six months what a pain in the butt...hang in there! Art just told me what drop foot is...that is soo awful and funny looking... on a good note though Diesel is soo adorable, and I guess you will have to wait and see who he looks like! I can't tell either! How exciting Congratulations and great job on the crappy is amazing ya lasted through it all! i love the picture with Brett asleep with him so precious!

The R Crew said...

CONGRATS!! He is handsome and healthy. Praying for a quick recovery (of all body parts!)

The Hartley Family said...

So glad we have blogs so we can be a part of each others lives. Diesel definately has his own look and is so stink in cute. We need to catch up soon, we love u guys!

Anjalique said...

Katie, I was looking through my page of bookmarks and found your blog tucked away in there! I'm so glad I found it! Josh had told me that you'd had the baby, and when he told me the name (which I think is awesome!), I said, "Yep, that sounds like one Brett and Katie would pick." :) He is so beautiful! Congratulations to your little family.

xoxo, Anjalique