Monday, June 14, 2010

Heading to the Zoo and Beach

We knew that Diesel would be coming soon so we wanted to take Paisley on one more family trip. She wanted to go to the Zoo and to the Beach. So off we went down to San Diego. The first day we got there we headed to the Zoo.

She loves EVERYTHING at the Zoo. She knows what everything is and if she doesn't.... she just pretends she does and moves on. Her favorite is the giraffe. So we had to take pictures with him.

WE got a little lazy and decided to take a bus around the park. Well we had walked for 5 hours and we only saw half so I think it was a good move. Plus since Brett is military we got to go for free. JEALOUS HUH

Paisley and I figured that we better do something nice for Dad to. We went to a baseball game and Paisley had a wonderful time. She loved yelling when people got out. She kept telling me that she was going to play this game when she is bigger.
OUr last day we headed to the Beach. We were all excited about that. Well I was a little less then them, but I'm fat and pregnant so I get a break ok

Paisley really didn't like the sand hitting her legs when the water was heading back out to the ocean. She decided that she would just make sand castles the rest of the time.


Elliot and Traci said...

Such cute pictures! You are brave to go on a trip so close to Diesel coming! Paisley is adorable. You guys look happy, and I'm happy for you. :)

The Rich Family said...

I remember taking a last minute trip and doing special things with Kate before Jacob was born,,,it is such an exciting time, yet sad because your time with your first is coming to an end....a good end....Good Luck...can't wait to see pictures....

Rachelle said...

Hey Glad you made it safely back and got settled into your home. Tell Brett Congrats on the graduation. You too..
Good luck with the baby boy can't wait to see pics..