Sunday, June 13, 2010


(end of day 1)
We had planned to do the backyard all on our own, BIG PLANS NO EXPERIENCE!!!!! After a day of hard work and going to a nursery and being hold just how much we still needed to do we decided that we needed to see just how much someone else could do it for. After some looking we figured that we would save 400 dollars to do it on our own and it just wasn't worth it.
Finished project. It only took them 2 days to finish all of this. It would have taken us FOREVER and lots of head aches and other project not getting done. Thank goodness we did this.
We love it back here. It's all shaded by 5 o'clock. Paisley loves the sand and Tex loves the grass. We have finished her swing set so I will get pictures up of that soon.

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Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

N-I-C-E! How are you feeling these days when is your due date again I know it is soon! We sure miss you guys! I am glad you made it easy on yourselves sometimes we need to spend less time worrying over the small things to be able to enjoy each other more! Can't wait to see the swing set!