Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's a Graduation Party

He did it. We are so proud of our Daddy. It has been en experience these last four years. Hard at times, easy at times, lots of free time, no free time, Doing AMAZING and doing not so well at others. It's been a road.... a great road that I'm sad to see end. We are so proud of him working so hard and always thinking about us and making sure he was with us whenever he could. We love you babe.
So was SOOO proud of her dad. Wanted to see everything

My mother and father were there but they left about 30 minutes before it was over so that they could make it to the airport. Funny thing is that there plane was delayed like 3 hours.

We were lucky enough to have grandma and grandpa hartley and Johnson, Grandma Eckhert, Mike and Traci, and The Bambrough family. Just 4 days earlier we had nothing in our house and we did pretty good getting everything ready for the big weekend.

Paisley loved being a little more Boyish this weekend. We ask all the time when Dexter and Ry Ry are coming back. We hope soon.

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