Friday, May 22, 2009


I guess since we have moved to the country I believe that my daughter can really wear whatever she wants..... Thats not true, she has been really moody lately, we are getting ready to grow I think. Anyways she was heading over to play with Amity and Carson and I just didn't want to pick that fight. When dad saw this picture he asked me what my deal was. She doesn't dress like that anymore :)

How can I get mad at this little girl. She thinks that she can try on any shoe just like mom does. I'm able to try on all the samples because there a size 6. Paisley think that all pretty shoes should fit like that. Poor thing already has a shoe problem I can just tell.

I'm really looking forward to some day having a little boy who wants to be just like his dad. Play catch, take out the trash, use deodorant....... I guess I won't have to wait to see my child have there face shaved. Brett helped Paisley shave her face the other day. She probably is going to grow up thinking that all women have hairy faces now. Dads just don't get what things like that can do to a small child.

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