Saturday, May 23, 2009

to much of paisley

I love finding little presents all over the house done by my sweet girl Pais. As I was down loading all my pictures off my computer I came across a few pictures I didn't take. Paisley loves to take pictures of herself and laugh about it. She did pretty good for 21 months.

Sorry for the graphic picture but I just couldn't leave it out. We were outside planting our flowers and Brett asked Paisley if she wanted to go get in the bath because she was so messy. She can take all of her cloths off so she normally just strips where ever and heads to the tub. Good thing I looked up and noticed a rather large brown spot on her butt. I ran over and grabbed her before she headed in. I guess if I crap on my butt all the time I would probably start forgetting its there to.

This is a common problem at our house. Dirty Dirty feet. I can't keep this girl clean anymore. I love it.

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