Friday, May 22, 2009

Utah/ Half marathon

Finally it was time to head up to Salt Lake for the half marathon. I was really kindof not excited since I was only running twice a week and I had only ran 10 miles. I was kindof nervous, but mostly I was just excited to go up and see Matt and Krista. WE Love seeing those guys. We have so much fun with them and it's always fun to watch my girl play with those boys. She does some funny things. Like the picture on top. She wanted that on all day long. Anyways  I ran the marathon in 1 hour 45 minutes and 39 seconds..... I was not happy. It was a pace of 8 minute miles. I really wanted to get under a hour and 45 minutes. I wanted to kill it but that just didn't happen. But I can't be to aweful mad about it, I really dropped the ball on working out like I was supposed to.  Thank you to Krista and Brett for coming up and supporting me, it meant alot. 

Her hair was so bad. Right in her face all day, she takes out all of her clips and hair ties. Its just bad news. Aunt Krista helped us alot. Don't I look so cute. Thank you Aunt Krista


Rylee said...

ok maybe i DON'T want to run the st george half with you! JK! i think your time was amazing!! i am just looking to FINISH the dang thing. good job! i'm gone the whole first week of june so we'll see you when i get back, can't wait!

The Hatch Family !!! said...

Wow that is an amazing time, great job don't beat yourself up too much, for cryin out loud I'm impressed! Her hair cut looks super cute and yeah you can see her pretty eyes again! We can't wait to see ya!

Alisha, Paul and Leila said...

Way to go, that time is impressive! In one of your last posts I noticed Paisley's new doll, Leila got the same one and loves it. We can't wait to see you!