Monday, May 18, 2009

More of good old Nyssa

Soon after Easter the house was finished as far as what the construction guys were doing. Brett and my brother Barry tiled the bathroom floor and put in a new vanity. Brett and I sanded down the hard wood floors so that we could refinish them. It was a busy couple of days during this time. Plus Paisley got a cold and the stomach flu so my hours dedicated to the hours were few. Honestly we wanted the house to be done but it was so nice being with my parents. Now we really miss spending time with them at night and watching Paisley play with her grandparents.

fun fire place

JACIE in the back left, little Amity and our man Carson. That was a very long bath time.

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djzmcallister said...

She is such a cute cowgirl. We miss you guys, we went to Vegas on Monday and it was just not the same without you guys there.