Monday, March 30, 2009

If only that was it

Part two-
The plan was to have my mother fly home with Paisley and Brett, My dad and I drive our stuff the 13 hours home. Well Paisley wouldn't even go to grandma now since this whole UTI happened. We were very lucky that Southwest let my mother change her ticket to allow me to fly home with her. We left at five in the morning because our flight left at 7 and it was the end of spring break. Crazy enough the airport was dead so Paisley and I just walked the airport trying to keep her happy because we were a little...... moody. She slept on the plain which was great and over all it went way better than I planned. We got home safely and she took a great nap, it was going really well. I realized that I was now the worst WIFE ever. Today was my husbands Birthday and he was driving across Nevada...... without his family. We bought him one thing before we left and I just left awful. Birthdays are a big big deal in our family and I did nothing. So I decided that I would make an awesome Sunday dinner and a good dessert. Paisley and I headed to Wal-mart, which is now one of my only options for food and 30 minutes away, and I forgot my list so I was totally upset already. Paisley was great at first and then just turned for the worse. Crying, trying to get out of the cart, throwing things out of the cart, it was just awful. Finally i was getting to the last thing on my list..... cheese. We had to go to the deli because it was a special cheese. She was buckled tight and sitting down happy. Next thing I know she is scream and people are rushing over. She feel out of the cart and landed right on her head. I couldn't believe it. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!! I could not handle this today, after yesterday and now all on my own. Wal-marts manager came over and made me sign a bunch of things and it was just a huge deal. She stopped crying after a minute or two but people just wouldn't leave us alone. I told them that my husband is a doctor, you can't say med student because they have no idea, but they looked right at me and said hum how old are you. They totally didn't believe me and thought I was making it up to just leave. Her bump wasn't really big but i could tell that she hurt. I later found out that she chipped her tooth a little two, great huh. I was just a wreck the rest of the night. I was trying to get out of our house but everyone was busy and it was already 7 by the time we got home.
Brett finally got home around midnight and we all headed straight to bed. It was blowing like crazy, another fun thing we get to deal with, the crazy wind storms, my parents new HUGE garbage can came up and hit the window were paisley was and woke her up screaming. She came into our bed and didn't really sleep much. At 4 in the morning I finally took her out into the living room because she had been kicking dad for about 2 hours. She was running for the couch out in the living room and tripped on her blanket and hit my moms end table and really hit her head hard. WHAT MORE CAN I TAKE, PLUS MY SWEET LITTLE GIRL! This had to be her worst week to. Needless to say we are going to be turned in to the Oregon children's services after being here only 1 day.
Today is now Monday and we are really doing great. We are still living my with my parents but we get to move in to our new place in just a couple of days. It definitely hasn't been a perfect week but I'm trying to stay positive and just love spending time with my husband before he starts with Dr. Paige on Wednesday. I haven't been able to call any of my friends yet because the service is so bad, ( so if you call leave a message and I might never get your text so don't think I'm being mean, I really want to talk to you all) I'm missing Vegas like crazy. I miss our house, the stores being like 2 minutes away, the heat ;) , our ward, play groups, all paisley's friends, but mostly I'm really missing my girl friends. If I was there we probably wouldn't have talked by now anyways but I can't see you if I want and I'm REALLY hating that. Please call us and just keep up. WE love you all and I hope you have had a wayyyyy better weekend than we have had.


Colette said...

Oh, Katie... I am so sorry for all the craziness of the last few days. The only thing I can say is that YOU ARE A GREAT MOM!!!! And a great wife, so don't ever forget that!!!!!!!

Thinking of you! :)

Bateman Family said...

When it rains it poors! Maybe you should take up Diet Coke again, just for a day. That might make you feel better (and Paisley too). I'm sure things will get better. If you can watch my kids for a week and survive, you can do anything!

Don't be so hard on yourself. You're amazing.

The Hatch Family !!! said...

oh Katie I am soo sorry Allyson was right when it rain it have always had incredible patience in my opinion with Paisley and you are such and incredible friend, mother and wife...I can't begin to tell you how much we miss you already...I just don't know how well get by with out our Katie, Brett and Paisley! Your friendship means the world to us all and I am soo very sorry that you had to bare all of this on your own without us to help you out a little at least ya know take paisley while ya went to the store, I felt to horrible that we weren't there to help move but am soo grateful that the ward was there to back you up even when you couldn't be...don't feel bad that is what a ward family does...I am just sorry we weren't a part of it too, please forgive us! Don't think I have forgotten the whole giving you my recipes, I am now trying to figure out the easiest way to get them to you so I might need to you to e-mail me your address...I feel like I have been such a bad friend to you the last couple of months for some reason and maybe I have because I wasn't always there when you needed me but I promise to try to keep in touch because you are such an important friend to me! I am sorry if I ever did anything to upset you or disappoint you and would ask that you please forgive me...I am trying and maybe this isn't the best place to write all of this but I just need you to know that I hope your week goes smoother and you know how much we love you and your family and how much we miss you and you smiles and laughter! pleas e-mail me anytime or comment on our blogs we just love hearing from you and I definitely want to continue our relationship as friends if that is alright with you! I am just soo sorry we aren't closer to help you in your time of need I pray you have a better week... and just smile because you are an incredible mother, a fabulous wife and a wonderful and amazing friend!

glen. denise. vince. said...

hi katie.
wow what a weekend. is paisley feeling better. that's the pits when your kid is never makes for fun. so you're moved to oregon now. fun for brett to work with dr. paige for a bit. he's such a great doc. i'm jealous you get to live close to your mom. i had a great time living close to my mom and the least i'm not too far away. i know what you mean about missing all your friends...that's how i feel. all my friends are i'm sure you'll love it there. where will you guys be living and for how long? well have fun and i hope the next part of the move (into the new place) goes well. tell paisley we hope she's feeling better.
have fun.

The Rich Family said...

OK----I am so bummed we didn't get to chat more today-I hadn't read your blog yet to know the craziness!!! I am glad you guys are safe and Paisley really did do well at my house that day. We miss you guys.

Elliot and Traci said...

Oh, Katie! What a mess! I hope everything is going better and I'm glad you're all situated in Oregon now. How long do you plan on living there? It will be so nice for you to be around family. Good luck with the adjustment. I love you!

djzmcallister said...

We are going to miss you guys tons, call us when you come out here.

Anjalique said...

Geez, Louise! Sorry about all the chaos you've had!

(I relate to the Wal-Mart story. Once I was in the craft aisle with Kash when he was about Paisley's age. I got looking at something, and when I turned back around, he'd gotten a bottle of red paint open and it was all over him and the cart. I had to wheel him all the way through the store to the bathroom, wash him off in the bathroom sink, go all the way back over to the kids clothes section, put some clothes on him, then go to the register and pay for the clothes. *sigh* I understand.)

We miss you guys and hope you'll settle in soon to your new home. I'll have Josh send his number to Brett's phone. Take care!