Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I know i know

Words- but no pictures still.

Hello all my long lost friends. It's been forever since I've been able to post. It has been so long I almost forgot how it went. We have been working hard on our house and Dad has been enjoying working with Dr. Paige. Tonight will be our first night in our new home. We could have moved in a week ago but Paisley didn't like mom working on the house and not playing with her. It was a really hard process putting everything away. We have also loved being with my parents. I'm sure my parents are way ready for us to leave but we sure like it here.

Brett's phone died on him last week so we has a new phone with no phone numbers!!!! He's going crazy. So if you think your number used to be in Brett's phone will you please TEXT him your name and number so that he can have some contacts again.

SECOND- you can add a new number into your phones. We have a home line now. It's 1-541-372-9987. I wan to tell all my friends I'm so sorry I haven't been good on calling. But paisley has been really sick and won't take naps right now unless she is on my lap so I haven't found a ton of free time. But I want you all to know that I'm missing you all so much. i'm looking for all our you some homes up here. It's much cheaper and there's lots of farm things to keep you busy. HAHA I hope all is well. LOVE YA ALL!!


Colette said...

I was so glad to see your blog pop to the top of my blogroll tonight! Sounds like life is hectic, good luck getting settled in your new place! :)

Rylee said...

Can't wait to see some new pictures. I am glad you are getting into your own place. Hope Paisley feels better soon. We miss you guys! Can't wait to play in June.

djzmcallister said...
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djzmcallister said...

We miss you guys,
Call us when you come back :-)
I am going to be calling you for advice on wife of Med school student.
Delete this after you view it, if you can thanks

The Lanier Family said...

Hey! It's good to hear you guys are doing well! We miss you guys! Hey about those flash cards...I can make them for $10 not laminated and $15 laminated...I get the thick lamination at kinkos! Just let me know if you want those and I can get working on them!