Sunday, March 29, 2009


First before I get into all my new stories I want to tell everyone Thank you for coming to the park to say goodbye and tell Brett happy birthday. It's so nice to have such wonderful friends.

Friday- We wake up early because we have friends over and we are so excited to see them before Brett has to leave to school and they get on there way. It was Chases birthday, BIG #1, he is such a big boy and a sweet boy too. We love having the Prince's in town. We love it so much that I'm enjoying it and not taking any pictures. Anyways after they leave my mother and I get started working on my house. I'm noticing that Paisley is getting into everything and that she doesn't really like whats going on. Melissa told me last night that if I needed anything just give her a call, she probably was saying it just to be nice, she never thought that I would. Paisley loves playing with Luke and so I wondered if she could play for an hour or so. My mother and I continued to work and then Brett came home and we moved some bigger things downs stairs. We were all getting hungry so we headed to get paisley and have some lunch. Everything seemed to go ok with Melissa but you never know, she is so nice and always says that everything was great but I know my little girl. Well we went and got lunch then dad headed back to school for his test and we headed home. Paisley fell asleep on the way home, normally I just let her sleep in the garage but our garage was being taken over and so I needed to bring her up stairs to her room. She woke up and wanted nothing to do with sleeping. I tried movies and then the car. The whole time she kept crying that she "pooped" but I changed her twice and there was nothing. My next thought was that she is learning that if she says she poops that mom will take her out of her room and change her. I was literally loosing it. I went to my mother and told her to take paisley and try something. Paisley kept screaming and grabbing herself. My mother looked at me and said take her to the doctor and see whats wrong. We couldn't get in til 2:40 so we went driving. She finally fell asleep and I thought maybe I should cancel my appointment because I'm sure this was only her trying to get out of a nap. I decided to go to the appointment and I'm sure glad I did. As soon as I woke her up she was screaming that she pooped. We waited for about 10 minutes before they said they would bring her back right now because something was wrong. She never had a fever but I thought maybe it was a bladder infection? She just had one 3 months ago and I took her in two weeks ago becuase i thought she had one but she didn't. They put the bag on her and she was peeing and the nurse missed it all. I was so mad but I was doing my best to keep it together. She normally doesn't mind the bag to much but today she was going crazy. Finally the P.A. came in and asked if I wanted to just have them put in a catheter, I really didn't want to but I knew something was really wrong. It took 3 nurses and 2 tries before they got some pee in the tub. She said oh she totally has a UTI! before she even tested it she knew it was bad. When I pick her up she was covered in pee. She was moving so much that they spilt her pee everywhere. After they left she just layed there. No screaming just a blank stair at me and I picked her up and just held her. Not more then 5 minutes and she came in and asked me to come with her. She took me over to were they test the pee and said look at this. Her UTI is so bad that my chart does not go that high. I started crying and she said that they would have to send her right away to the ER. WHAT !!!! my little girl was totally normal 2 hours ago and now I'm going to the ER. I called home and told brett to meet me at St. Rose with some cloths. I couldn't stop crying. There I was getting so upset because my little girl wouldn't take a nap and all the while she was hurting this bad. What a bad mom. Brett came and my mom went to get my dad, which they got lost on the way home and made it home right at 5 for the move, we waited an hour in the waiting room and an hour once we got back there. She was crying so much and I just felt so bad. I was so thankful that brett was there with me because I was not stable at the time. They finally came in and gave her an IV and pumped her full of liquids and gave her some high medicine that would start helping soon. We watch 5 elmos and sang alot of songs while we were at the hospital. Finally she was done with the IV and they gave us a presciption and we headed home.

Let me tell you that we were also suppost to have our ward come help us move at 5 oclock that day. I couldn't believe it. I felt so bad not being there to help and stop them once they had done to much and just tell them how greatful I was. I started to cry when I got home and heard what my parents had to say. You have the worlds greatest friends. So many came to help and worked so hard for such a long time. Husbands, wives, and children all came and worked so hard for us. I said before that you all made this move almost impossible and I want you all to know that this move was only possible because of you all. We do have the world's greatest friends and you all mean the world to us. Thank you so much, I hope some day I can repay you for that.
To my parents- I'm so greatful for all your help. I never meant for you to have to do so much but it means the world that you did. You allowed us to take care of our little girl and it was nice only having to worry about her because we knew you were taking care of the rest. Thank you mom and dad.

This blog is WAY LONG!! So sorry. My husband needs me know so I will have to inform you with all the rest tomorrow. We miss you all! LOVE YA


ryan. heather. macie. millie. said...

I am so so so sorry! Life doesn't get any easier does it??? I wish I could help you out with anything and everything, but we are just too darn far apart! Please let me know if there IS anything that I can do...and please keep me posted on how she is doing. Hope you ALL are doing well and we love and miss you guys! :)

Rylee said...

Totally teary-eyed reading this post Katie. I feel horrible that little Paisley was so sick. I wish I could have been more help. I felt like we left you guys with so much to do still at your house, I am so glad your parents were there to help you. We miss you guys already and really wish we had more time to hang before you left. We will play LOTS in June!

Troy, Courtney, Max, and Kyle said...

Could it have been any worse? Sounds like a crazy few days. But I did see you at church so you survived. Oh yeah a bunch of us play volleyball at the church (owyhee) thursdays at 7:30pm if you want to come.
Katie, Sammy, Annie, and other high school girls come and kick us old ladies trash- so fun.