Monday, October 27, 2008

The Bumble Bee Johnsons

Today is Saturday and my dad is home with me, which makes this saturday AWESOME! Mom told dad that for part of the day we really needed to clean clean clean. Dad really helped mom out and I was really good at pulling out everything they put away, Just doing my Job of coarse. After all the cleaning was done we headed to claire's to return Tex's (to small) costume and to find him a bigger one. Well claires was all out so we headed to TARGET!!! MY FAVORITE PLACE. Did you know that whenever you go to target you get popcorn. It is just the greatest.
Well we went in looking for a Bee costume for Tex and came out with a Christmas toy for ME. I always seem to get things. Anyways let me tell you what I got. Rudolph the red nose reindeer, that sings and his nose lights up. Its the coolest thing ever!!!!

Later that night we headed for a Halloween party! Doesn't my little family look so cute. My favorite thing about my costume is that I can take it off all by myself!!

Mom- Thank you Dye Family for having such a wonderful party. We were able to also go last year and we now can't wait for it every year. You guys are amazing.

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