Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trunk R Treat!

Well there are no pictures of this HUGE day but there is stories to tell. It all started sunday when Allyson asked me if we were having achievement days this week. It has been a long time since we have gotten together since we were out of town and I was "family watching" but we were having trunk R treat on wednesday so I figured that we would wait until next week. As soon as I said this to Allyson her daughter "kennedy" said " what mom? not again" Totally killed me because I really realized that the girls do like coming and that they might be really having fun. So I thought quickly and turned around and told her that we would be having achievement day and it would only be from 3:30 til 4:30. I started to think of things we could do in such a short hour and I thought of making bread. Maybe we could make a bunch of pumpkin bread for the dinner that we were having that night. Later that night I soon realized that we would need like 16 loafs  of bread and we would not get more then two done during achievement day. Thats when it hit me, I will need to make 14 loafs of bread before Wednesday afternoon. !!!!!! oh my word what was I thinking, is it to late to cancel, how much will it cost to just buy them all..... there were a lot more questions but you really don't need to hear them all. 
  As you can guess the next 2 days were hot days while the oven was never turned off. Our house has a permeant smell of pumpkin and it is really making me sick. Achievement days went off really well and the girls had fun I think. Its fun watching them do new things. Soon I had to push them all out the door so that our little bee family could get ready for the big night. 
  halloween could be paisley's favorite holiday. She loves things that talk or make any noise, nothing scares our little girl. She really started getting into asking for candy and putting it right into her basket and finishing it off with a kiss. I kept going to check on my bread and I was really surprised to see that everyone was eating it and I think really liking it. I know that the first couple loafs of bread were really good but man by the 10 or 11 loaf I was just hoping that they looked ok!!! 
Tonight was so much fun. I love spending time with my family doing different things and seeing my little girls eyes light up and loving every moment of what she is doing. I love to see my husband be a wonderful dad and visit with so many people. It is the best example to me. I hope that all of you have a wonderful Halloween and just love being able to spend family time together.


The Hatch Family !!! said...

I still can't believe you made that much the way the whole reason I called today was to tell you I'm sorry, I don't know if you ever got the cookies made for visiting teaching, I kind of hope not, I have felt bad since because I feel the need to help in some way...I have been meaning to say something EVERYTIME I speak to you, leave it to me to get side tracked...Again if the cookies were made I AM SOOOO SORRY, you have been sooooo busy, and you didn't tell me you had the Bateman children until play group which made me feel even worse cause you WERE soo busy. Gosh it has taken me a whole week of forgetting, ok it is official I am a terrible v.t. partner, AGAIN, I am soo very sorry for dumping on you and then forgetting, Please forgive I will do better next month, I OWE U...

I love you perspective from Paisley to cute, & so are the pictures!!! See ya tomorrow!!!

Bateman Family said...

And then I gave you MORE pumpkin bread!

The girls totally adore you and really look forward to ach days. Thank you for all your hard work.