Monday, October 27, 2008

The Bateman Experience

This last week Brett and I had the oppurtunity to watch 4 children from our ward, The Bateman's. I knew that the task was a large one A. because I only have 1 child and she doesn't talk back, B. 3 of the children are my size, and C. Allison (there mother) is super mom. Her house is always perfect and her children have so many fun things going on. But come on I have 16 neices and Nephew and I've been watching children since I was like 8.
Well the trip has ended and mom and dad are back home. The experience was so awesome. I was able to get to know her little ones so well and we did alot of fun things. The first day we had homework, sports, dinner, play time, bath time, snack time, story time and finally bed time. The next day after school and homework we got to go to ChuckEcheese and it was so much fun. After watching the kids have so much fun playing, my husband went and cashed in some money so that we could play to. It was so nice doing something new with him. The next two days were a lot like the first, lots of things to do in a very short time period. We really had so much fun with these kids. Allison I will totally do this again whenever you need me!!!
Here are some pictures of CEC and the boys sleeping after the kicked us both out of bed.

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Bateman Family said...

Love your post! Thanks for the reinforcement that you're okay.

The picture of the boys in my bed is priceless. I'm just sorry you had to sleep elsewhere.

We can't thank you enough. You and Brett are amazing!