Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nothing Beats THESE!!

I've noticed that my favorite P.J.'s on Paisley are always the really tight ones. Last night I found a pair in the back of her closet and put them on her. I then realized why I love these P.J. so, I can feel every inch of her cute little body. If it was "ok" with dad we would probably wear these pajamas everyday night and day!


Rylee said...

Katie your little girl is precious! Fun to see your blog!

Heidi-Ho said...

katie i miss you guys!! last time i saw you was when we went shopping all night on thanksgiving (by the way we need to make that a tradition!) we really need to get together
lots of love... heidi-ho

The Hatch Family !!! said...

oh my gosh I couldn't stop laughing at the pics of brett and paisley with the diapers on their heads FUNNY...Paisley is such a little cutie! See ya tomorrow at music kids yeah!