Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tumbling Tumbling Tumbling

I'm in a really tumbling class. My teacher says that I'm fantastic as doing rolls. I get to go with my mom normally but today my dad came along to watch what I could do.
I can walk across a beam, swing in a really big tube. And Can you tell that I'm doing a forward roll?

This is a picture of dad rolling me off the top of that tube. I thought it might be fun but as you can tell it wasn't the best thing I've done.

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Ryan, Heather and Macie Marchbanks said...

I didn't know you got a blog silly! I love looking at all your pics! We need to get together next week when you come to town. Call me...we will be staying with Ryan's brother temporarily until our apt. is ready. We should do lunch! Love you and MISS you guys TONS! :)